Manual Dialing Services

In the collections industry, dialing cell phones manually is becoming the standard to avoid costly Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations. But why use valuable collector seats to do this task? We provide cost-effective resources in an offshore environment that will aid you with your dialing efforts, allowing you to concentrate on what is important to you—helping customers become current on their commitments. Madison Wyatt Professional Services centers around providing quality resources at a competitive rate for your cloud based manual dialing efforts. Learn the many advantages of our services that are designed to help increase your overall bottom line.

Madison Wyatt's Professional Services Can Help

Provide a cost savings up to 60%.

Provide quick implementation and integration using your cloud-based technologies.

Improve employee retention by allowing your staff to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.

Increase manual dialing output levels up to 300%.

Mitigate TCPA violations, fines and litigation risks.

Are Madison Wyatt's Manual Dialing Services Right for You?

Many companies in the collections industry are challenged with the expense of TCPA compliance. We all know that manual dialing efforts can be costly when you factor in employee salaries, equipment, hiring and training, etc. We would like to explain how Madison Wyatt's Manual Dialing Services can help you mitigate risk and reduce operating costs while still increasing your manually dialed outbound call volumes through Madison Wyatt’s offshore outsourcing.

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